Rotary Engraving

Rotary Engraving is the very core of our industry the term “rotary engraving” has historically been called “mechanical engraving” because the cut is done mechanically using a rotating cutter.

Rotary engraving, also known as mechanical engraving, is the core of our industry. Before lasers were introduced, it was what most of us used to mark signage, jewelleries, plaques and trophies. Its popularity may have faded over the years, but we believe that it’s still useful in many applications today.

How Does Rotary Engraving Work?

Rotary engraving is the process of engraving the topside of an item, making the graphic or text embossed that you can feel it on your fingertips. To put it simply, imagine how Braille looks. We use rotating cutters and non-rotating diamond gravers in a motorised spindle to cut items, whether through the substrate or to create holes and cut outs of different shapes.

Our well-experienced team can engrave on stone, stainless steel, plastic and all kinds of metal, regardless of whether they’re coated or not. In fact, the rotary process works on almost every type of machinable bare metal like gold, silver, brass, pewter, platinum, titanium — you name it. You’ll have better chances of personalising any metal item with the help of rotary systems.

Why Choose Our Rotary Engraving Services?

At A to Z Engraving, we don’t limit ourselves to a single engraving method. We do our best to provide you with tools and services that fit your needs. Our rotary machines literally engrave on items, unlike lasers that mark or burn surfaces only. We’re not saying that lasers aren’t a good choice, though. Some engraving projects are simply more advisable for rotary systems. With the help of our professional team, we will let you know which process is more effective for the items you want to engrave.

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